Women In Flight Mission

Raise awareness and financial support to achieve and maintain excellence across all Oregon women's programs

We Focus on these five areas

Women in Flight Student-Athlete Experience

Student-Athlete experience

Women in Flight Foreign Tours at the University of Oregon


Women in Flight Scholarships at the University of Oregon


Women in Flight Team Building at the University of Oregon

Team Building

Women in Flight Career Development at the University of Oregon


Our Story Becomes Her Story

In 2013, University of Oregon donors approached athletic department administrators about bridging the gap for women’s athletics. Research was conducted around the country, examining programs with a focus on fundraising for women’s athletics and initial planning for Oregon’s one of a kind program began.

With a generous donation from Dave and Nancy Petrone, Women In Flight was founded in 2014.


Women in Flight at the University of Oregon
Women's basketball at the University of Oregon

At Oregon, we believe in the power of sport in the lives of young women and the enduring lessons preparing student-athletes for success in their careers and life after college

Student-athletes at the University of Oregon excel on and off the court

Today, they are our daughters' role models. Tomorrow, they speak to millions

Today, they perform in the community
Tomorrow, they are the community

Today, they hustle and hustle hard
tomorrow, they lead and lead well

Today, our story becomes her story. join us in making it great.

To our women in flight donors, Thank you!
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