Continue to check back as we add stories of past, present, and future women superstars, and share updates on our GO DO ANYTHING campaign. Read stories to learn, find inspiration, and celebrate the incredible feats of women everywhere who showed they were just “too strong” to be held back from their dreams.


These are the words once spoken to Bernice R. Sandler, one of the key players in pushing Congress to pass Title IX. These are the words countless other women were told to discourage them from pursuing their dreams. These are the words that stopped women from playing sports, taking wood shop, and enrolling in STEM classes. These are also the words that sparked Bernice and other women to fight against the discrimination holding them back. A fight leading to the Title IX legislation that created more opportunities for women in athletics and education.


These are the words inspiring women to set their eyes on the highest prize (and achieve it). These are the words when spoken to your daughter, your mother, your granddaughter, your friend, give them the courage and confidence to try something new, break records, and shatter glass ceilings. These are the words embodied by those who heard “too strong for a women” and only heard “strong”. These are the words embodied by today’s female student-athletes and by the next generation of young girls who are ready to take things to the next level. 


Throughout the year, we’re celebrating the amazing feats of women all over the world. If you have an inspiring story of your own or know someone whose experiences deserve recognition, we invite you to share with us!