It takes a village. Our female student-athletes not only benefit from their family and friends’ support, but also from the support of alumni, former athletes, fans, the Oregon community, and countless others. Without these allies, Oregon women’s athletic programs wouldn’t be where they are today. Learn more about our allies below and take our quiz to find out whether you’re a Trail Blazer, Reformer, or Believer!

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception."


Trail Blazers believe in their worth and believe in others. It hasn’t been an easy road. The decisions they made, the shots they’ve taken, and the discomfort they’ve pushed through was all to make progress possible. Trail Blazers posed the question, “Can I play?” and showed they could. They braved uncomfortable conversations and were smart enough to navigate them effectively. They want the road for young women to be smooth, not because it’s easier, but because their efforts are better spent on innovation and passion, not overdue equality and disbelief.

"Because of the game, they believe in the game. For the love of the game, they change the game."

- Unknown

Reformers have spent their lives surprising people. Their standards are high for themselves and for their counterparts. They pour themselves into their passions and make a point to change what needs changing. Reformers toast to trying again after they’ve failed, to promotions, life decisions, saying no thank you, and to conquered fears. Because of the way they carry themselves and the way they choose to live with intention, little girls look up to Reformers and say “I want to be like her.”

"Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

- Michelle Obama

Believers tell the women they hire, the women they know, and the women they love how special they are. They build women up and cheer them on for every success. They listen with care and intent, but never go easy because they know women will rise to the occasion. Believers align themselves with women that strive to be the best. They urge young women to connect with inspiring female role models, just like they do. If given the opportunity to play a role in the success of a women, Believers show up – always.


As you join us in celebrating 50 years of Title IX, we invite you to take our quiz to see how your support best aligns with our campaign goals. Are you a Trail Blazer, someone who helped forge the road less traveled so today’s athletes could have an easier path to follow? Or are you a Reformer, always exceeding expectations and changing what needs to be changed? Perhaps you’re a Believer, known for building up others and playing a vital role in the success of the women in your life?

Take our quiz to see how your passions can help support our Oregon female student-athletes. Then, explore the inspiring stories from student-athletes and allies to hear where they’ve been, how they got there, and where they’re going next.


Throughout the year, we’re celebrating the amazing feats of women all over the world. If you have an inspiring story of your own or know someone whose experiences deserve recognition, we invite you to share with us!


By forming new partnerships across the University of Oregon campus and the surrounding community, we’re better positioned to provide our female student-athletes with a positive experience.