Lois Youngen

From playing for America's first professional women's baseball league to supporting the next generation as a UO coach, teacher, and administrator, Lois's powerful story inspires us to chase our own dreams.

Most people have seen “A League of Their Own”, the 1992 movie depicting the time American women played professional baseball for the first time, but Lois Youngen actually lived it. After playing for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League for three years, Lois joined the UO faculty in 1960 where she volunteered to coach multiple sports, taught the university’s first coed PE class, and became UO’s first Director of Physical Activity and Recreation Services. Her efforts to implement Title IX policies formed more coed classes and opportunities for women’s athletics to excel, and the rotating scholarship she funds supports female student-athletes entering their senior year. A true Trail Blazer, Lois has embodied the “Go Do Anything” spirit throughout her journey and inspires others to follow suit.