Lisa Peterson

Recognized by Sports Business Journal as a 2021 "Game Changer", Lisa supports Oregon's student-athletes through her role as Deputy Athletic Director, Senior Women's Administrator, and Title IX Coordinator.

Competing as a collegiate student-athlete provides opportunities for championship experiences in sport that creates champions in all walks of life, from family to business to community service. The enactment of Title IX into law 50 years ago opened the door for young women to reach their full potential, not only as student-athletes but also as future leaders in Fortune 500 boardrooms, halls of government, and many other fields of endeavor as well as in professional competition. With the help of Women in Flight supporters, student-athletes at Oregon can take full advantage of those opportunities, turning hopes for a more equitable future into reality. Title IX created a path to a brighter future, and your support will light the way to for even greater success in the future.

Lisa Peterson

Why are you proud of Women In Flight?

I’m proud of Women In Flight, because when it became a part of our athletic department, it brought awareness to our female student-athletes in a way that it hadn’t been done in the past.

I think it inspired our student-athletes to see the care that we give to them. But also because it showed the community that our women student-athletes are just as important as our men. And it’s never been a question, but the program brought it to light.

What does the Women In Flight program mean?

Women In Flight means there is an opportunity for our community to give specifically to our female student0athletes in a way that they haven’t done in the past. And I think that it has brought about another fan base connecting to our student-athletes that we hadn’t had before this program became a part of our department.

Why is the Go Do Anything campaign a priority for the UO?

Go Do Anything is a priority because it is our opportunity to celebrate Title IX and all of the impacts that it has had for females like myself or other girls in the community. It’s provided the opportunity to be a college student-athlete, to get an education, in a way that we haven’t in the past. So it’s important to celebrate Title IX.

What do you want for women everywhere?

I want you to experience that there are no glasses. It doesn’t matter the position that you want, the job you want, the career that you want – you have the ability to achieve that. And hopefully from Title IX, from Go Do Anything, from the role models that we have, you can see that that happens. And it starts at the University of Oregon.