June 23 Marks 50 Years for Title IX

While we've already been celebrating 50 years of Title IX for the past six months, June 23rd marks the anniversary date from when the legislation was passed into law in 1972. With this milestone, we honor both the progress made over the past 50 years and highlight the need for initiatives like Women In Flight that provide opportunities and support women in sport.


We’ve been talking about it all year long, and now the 50th anniversary of Title IX is finally here. As we take a moment to let the meaning of this milestone really sink in, Oregon athletics is celebrating its current and former student-athletes and the opportunities for the next generation of Ducks to accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Watch the video below to see past, present, and future Ducks collide in a joyful moment that we hope leaves you inspired, hopeful, and determined to make the next fifty years of women’s athletics even better.

The University of Oregon athletics department is also celebrating milestone achievements in the history of Oregon athletics as well the progress of the department’s fundraising campaign to mark the anniversary. Throughout the day on Thursday 6/23, the UO athletic department is using its social media channels to celebrate landmarks in the Ducks’ history of women’s sports. To support the Go Do Anything campaign, Oregon athletics will also auction off two specially designed pairs of Air Jordan I Mids, packaged in commemorative boxes.

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These milestones are just a few of many incredible feats that our female Ducks teams have accomplished over the years, and we know there are many more not listed here as well as many more to come. Be sure to check out the GoDucks, Women In Flight, and individual team’s social media channels to see how else we’re celebrating these moments and much more!


In the countless stories we’ve heard and shared, one similarity between each of their journeys stands out. The support they felt, whether from family, friends, coaches, fans, donors, or supporters of all kinds, empowered them to Go Do Anything.

As programs like Women In Flight help shape what the next 50 years will look like, for today’s generation and the ones to come after, we invite you to become a part of our mission by making a gift to our campaign.

Contributions will enhance our Oregon female student-athletes’ experience through various impact areas. Whether you’re giving in honor of a loved one or providing support for the next generation of girl power, your gift will help Women In Flight influence the broader conversation around women’s athletics and lift Oregon women’s athletic programs to the next level.


Hear from former and current Oregon student-athletes, coaches, and administration about why Title IX deserves celebration and how Women In Flight is impacting the female student-athlete experience for the better.

Video created by Charlie Boiler, Allen Hall Advertising (AHA) by UO’s School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC)