Allen Hall Advertising helps bring the Go Do Anything campaign to life

Learn how a group of students in AHA, UO's full-service, student-run ad agency, took us on as a client to help bring the Go Do Anything campaign to life.

We knew that to properly celebrate this historic milestone for Title IX, we needed a team of brilliant minds to bring the Go Do Anything campaign to life. Allen Hall Advertising, AHA for short, partnered with Women In Flight this year to accomplish just that. They helped to ideate, strategize, plan, create, and execute numerous projects, including:

  • Hosting photoshoots with our female student-athletes and coaches
  • Developing a social media style guide, timeline, and graphics to creatively share stories
  • Designing posters, brochures, and other materials
  • Creating videos, including our new 6/23 anniversary celebration video
  • And so much more!


The AHA video crew created this inspirational video to honor the 50th anniversary date – June 23, 2022

The team created a brand style guide for the campaign, including styles for social media graphics

AHA facilitated photoshoots for our student-athletes, alumni, and coaches to capture their stories

The “What’s Your Anything?” interactive installation was created by AHA for National Girls and Women In Sports Day

To increase awareness of Women in Flight in the Eugene area, AHA created Go Do Anything coasters and coffee sleeves

Trivia nights at restaurants in town also helped spread the word about Women In Flight, our mission, and Title IX’s 50th year

"While part of a school, AHA is very much rooted in the professional world: Real clients, real deadlines, real work that includes everything from developing audience insight that can guide an effective campaign in every form of media. The award-winning work has helped AHA gain clients as diverse as the UO Health Center's sexual health program, Protection Connection, to Oregon Women's Basketball to non-profits such as USAFacts. We've been privileged to work with the Women in Flight team during the historic 50th anniversary of Title IX."
David Ewald
UO SOJC Professor of Practice, Brand Innovation


We’re thankful to have had the opportunity to work with these skilled and capable students, and wish them the best in all their future endeavors! To support AHA’s work and other partnerships like this one, we encourage you to make a gift to our Go Do Anything campaign.